Dear customers,
 Due to manufacturing difficulties with the Astride and increased competition in the "niche" equestrian communications market, we are sadly announcing the closing of Eponaire, LLC. We are extremely proud of the success our company has had over the years, and took great joy in assisting our customers. We will miss all of you!!
 If you own one of our Eponaire systems and encounter any difficulties with it's performance going forward:
  First please reread the tips sheet included with your purchase. Make sure fresh batteries are installed in your system and check that the acoustic eartubes are spotlessly can. Recheck that you and your instructor are on the same channel. Most failures are due to one of the above issues.
Azden corporation was the manufacturer of our system and replacement parts are still available although they will not carry the Eeponaire logo.
 You may purchase replacement parts through B &H Photo: www.bhphotovideo.com.
The following Azden products are compatible with the Eponaire system:
Azden WLT/Pro Transmitter VHF -replaces the Eponaire transmitter
Azden WR-PRO Receiver (camera mount on the back is removeable)-replaces the Eponaire receiver
Acoustic eartubes- Otto Engineering C101199-05 (pack of 5)
The acoustic earphone offered by B&H is compatible, although it will not have a volume control. This should not be an issue unless you have hearing loss, the volume will be at an acceptable level. Any ipod earphone will also work with the system.
Adapters (3.5 female to BNC) that attach to the adapter cord are available online or through Radio Shack.
Holster cases may be more difficult to find, however you may be able to find them in the electronics department of your local Target/Walmart, etc. Look for medium sized smartphone cases.
If you own an Astride, replacement fleece pads are available through Wilkers Custom Horse Products: www.wilkers.com
It has been a pleasure serving you, and we wish you continued success with your horses and your riding!
Krista Towns/ Founder Eponaire, LLC